Made Of Past, Chapter 4 (Warning: Sexual Content)

“Kyle, talk to me, what’s the news?” I hear Adam say from the other room. He’s speaking to his partner. “The florist?” He says all of a sudden startling me out of my thoughts. I start listening more intently. “You’re kidding. It’s been two weeks and these idiots are back at it again?” I shake my head, completely agreeing with Adam’s assertion of Jem as an idiot. I mean who else would think another job would be a good idea in such a short span of time, and with all the heat they’re receiving. I know it’s not Doug, and Glonasy and Dez could not care less. There’s only one person who takes a sick kind of pleasure in putting his life at constant risk–James Coughlin.

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Made Of Past, Chapter 3 (James Coughlin Fan Fic)

“Adam, I’m really fine, there’s no reason for anyone to be outside of my door,” I repeat for the 50th time. 

“Babe, you don’t understand, these guys are really dangerous. They’ve taken hostages before. Coughlin’s killed a man,” he tells me like he’s breaking very scary news to a child. I wanna scream at him and say that I know very well what James Coughlin has done in life. In fact I have most of his case memorized. But this is not something Adam Frawley could ever comprehend. 

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Anonymous asked:

do you know when you will be posting chapter 3 of made of past? it's so good!! you should submit it to @jrfrustration :-)

Thanks for the great suggestion, I’ll definitely submit it! And chapter 3 will be up very soon :) Let me know what you think of it. 

Made Of Past, Chapter 2 (WARNING: Some Explicit Content)

“You asshole,” I spit out. He raises an eyebrow, not many people get away with talking to him like that. He’s still in his white EMT uniform, clearly just having walked through the door himself. I stand there, my heart beating wildly, not knowing why I really came or what else to say. Finally he starts unbuttoning the shirt of his uniform…

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Made Of Past, Chapter 1 (Jem Coughlin Fan Fic)

"The image of Jem stuck in prison for the rest of his life keeps me going. I know I don’t owe him a damn thing after all the shit he put me through, but it’s a Charlestown thing. Loyalty is something that runs in our blood. Trying to sever the ties with my town was hard, trying to sever my loyalty for Jem is like trying to cut out my own lung."

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